Weird Dreams Ink was started in 2009 by Mea'eshana, with the hopes that one day there would be an I.T. Company that wasn't based on greed or over inflated egos that demanded money for their services. So far so good... WDi has clients from Australia and the U.S. and we're always willing to welcome new business, be it companies who are just getting started, clubs who need to spread their message, groups looking for ways to promote their wares and recruit new members, or individuals that have something they want to share.

Founder Mea'eshana PhoenixFireMea'eshana PhoenixFire

Born: 1981
Likes: Art, Anime, Movies, Music, and anything Internet related.
Dislikes: Rude and annoying people, People who think they're funny when they're not, The color pink (ugg!)

I.T. Qualifications: Oddly enough... nothing official.

Bio: When I was younger I used to spend hours actually programming my games on to my Commodore 64, and though often frustrated at how one little mistyped character would mean the whole thing wouldn't work, I also loved the challenge of finding my errors and putting the puzzles together to make something I could spend hours more playing.
I studied HTML in my teenage years at school, and like with the C64, I just fell in love with the idea of being able to write in this completely different language that created such organisation.

I've been developing my own sites since then, changing my style and my imagery as I grew. In 2000 I went to the University of South Australia and, oddly enough, worked on a Bachelor of Visual Arts majoring in Digital Art. I fell in love with Digital Art and immediately recognised how it could intertwine with web pages.

Since then I've spend hours of my own time teaching myself php and javascript, learning how the internet works, what it's capable of, and finding my own limits in knowledge and pushing through them to learn more new tips and tricks to add. In 2009 I decided enough is enough, there's a market out there of people that don't understand the first thing about web sites, and it's such an effective tool for getting you message out there that some people might just need a little help.

I may not be able to offer anything technical in the way of coded from scratch interactive websites, but what I can create visually hopefully makes up for it. And of course the simplicity of HTML and basic PHP means that once you've messed around with what we've created for you, eventually you'll be able to get the hang of it yourself. Then who knows what you too will be able to learn and create with a little trial and error.